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Frequently asked questions

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How can your company help me get my investment back?

For more than 6 years, our law company has been specializing in the return of investments from brokerage companies. We provide free consultations, help in insuring client deposits, processing returns, preparing and processing the necessary documents, and also communicate directly with brokers and financial institutions. Moreover, we provide legal support in court, protecting the interests of our client.

How long does it take to process a return and prepare documents?

On average, the process of processing a return and preparing documents takes about 10-14 banking days. Our team of experienced lawyers strives to ensure a fast and efficient process so that you can get your investment back.

What information do you need from me to review my case?

Each case is special, so it is better for you to leave a request on the website and our lawyer will contact you for a consultation.

Typically, the lawyer can ask:

– your documents

– information you have about the fraudulent broker

– screenshots or links to the trading platform where you lost money

– financial statements confirming the transfer of money to the broker’s accounts

What are the costs and terms of your services?

The cost and terms of our services may vary depending on the specific situation of the client. We provide free consultations to evaluate your case and offer the best option for cooperation. You can discuss the details with our specialists during a consultation.

FTC Recovery

We are international legal company. Our main expertise is the return of funds that were lost in the financial market as a result of fraudulent actions of brokers. Our experience and unique methodology allows us to effectively and quickly provide assistance to our clients.

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